I lost my mom …but I m still waiting.

I lost my mom …but I m still waiting.

$aheba $eraj

I was born and bought up in a very poor family; I have seen my mother and sister crying for food, that time I was very small but I can feel the pain , they use to stitch saree at home from that whatever they earn they spend on me.

When I was in class 8 we used to live in slum I have seen many uncles and dirty boys staring my sister with bad intention.

That day I have decided to do something big in my life, I don’t want my sister to work anymore.so I use to sell news paper in the morning and then at 8 I came back home and I go back to school my sister help me in studying I can’t  afford tuitions.

My mom and sister used to talk while stitching saree when bablu will start earning then we will buy small house and their we will live happily ,while talking I have seen shine on my sisters eye ,That day I have decided anyhow I will buy home for them.

From slum to rented home I have covered half destination, I was very much happy for my new home and same I can see on my mom and sister’s face .

While working in the office I come to know about home loan, I was very happy as I can fulfill my dream soon,of buying home.

I took loan from muthoot fincorp and buyed home from amrapali group I took loan of 30 lakhs I thought I will pay EMI and amrapali group said that they will give possession in 4 to 5 year. I was happy that in 4 to 5 years my EMI will be completed and amrapali group will also give possession then I can live happily in my own home.

 We were living in the rental home, slowly 5 years was passed ,everything remains the same but my mother was not well we met to the doctor and they said that she is suffering from cancer she don’t have enough time …. That statement of doctor completely broke me …. But I want to fulfill my mother’s wish , so I went to ANIL SHARMA and knocks various door so that I can get possession and can fulfill my mothers dreams of own house ,but now I realised that was the worst decision of mine to invest in Amrapali ….she wants to live in her own home  from last 10 years I m waiting to get the possession of my home ,but Amrapali group are making excuses but not delivering the project …in the middle I lost my mom but still I m waiting …………………and ………………waiting .