My Story: I thought a big brand like Amarpali will be a great and reliable name to buy my first home.

My Story: I thought a big brand like Amarpali will be a great and reliable name to buy my first home.

Feb 2016: it was a normal day as every other day of mine, me and my wife were sitting in our drawing room having a cup of tea and I was reading a newspaper, when a full front page advertisement of Amrapali Group offering affordable homes with so much more to offer than just a structure of walls catches my eyes as it was something we need, as we are going to have a baby soon and I want to gift my wife “our very own home” as it was what she ever wanted to have.

So I have contacted through the given number on that same advertisement and what I got was a bunch of luxurious and fascinating promises from the broker and we have decided to meet at the project site of “Amarpali “Adarsh awas yojana”.

So it was huge plain property having boards of Adarsh Awas Yojna and the broker told me that this will be the address of my new home soon and somewhere he convinced me to pay him the booking amount which was exactly 20% of the full amount i.e. Rs. 5,48,069 as it was already a huge amount for a middle class to pay but I was saving money from years to buy a home which helped me in bearing this burden. Within a week after having some discussion with my wife, I gave the broker a cheque of the same amount and he confirmed my booking and promised me that I will get my possession even before the date.

But now after almost a year that site of Adarsh Awas Yojana by amrapali is still same a huge plain property with nothing constructed on it.

Realty Media’s take

Mr. Anupam Tripathi approached our help desk and told us about this another enormous scam of Amarpali Group who is already accused of various such real estate scams and as a responsibility of ours Realty Media has decided to approach the sales office of Amarpali group and will take a follow on the same issue till it get resolved or the official authorities take any action as soon as possible.

We are all ears to such stories of real estate scams and pledged to expose those who are culprits.

Take a stand, we are with you.