My Story: I invested all my savings in Amrapali and now I am trapped.

My Story: I invested all my savings in Amrapali and now I am trapped.

RM | MAY 09, 2017 | Tuesday

I am working in a government sector and it is always said that middle class people should never step out of their blanket and should be happy with what they have but, one wrong decision of mine still hurts me everyday. The story goes back to 2010 when on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I was sitting with my wife and we saw this very attractive advertisement in the newspaper of Amrapali Dream Valley project in Noida. My wife was instantly attracted to Amrapali’s idea and she insisted me of buying a flat in their project to which I readily agreed. But the decision taken that day still haunts me.

Few days later I went with my wife to Amrapali’s office and we did all the formalities and the authorities assured us that we would get the possesion of our house within the next three and a half years time but those were all fake promises that were made to us.

Three years later I went to see the construction pace and to my surprise there was hardly any work done on the site. I was distraught seeing it as it was just another barren land where no work has been done. The very next day I decided to approach the Amrapali authority but to my surprise they behaved as if I am the culprit and they are the so called innocent people. Day after day they kept assuring me that I will get the possesion of my house and now its 2017 and I have lost all my hope.

It has been 7 years since I invested all my savings in Amrapali and it has to be the worst decision I have ever taken. I have already invested more than 12 lakh rupees till date and Amrapali is asking for more money which I am not ready to pay. These people don’t understand how difficult it is for a middle class person to earn so much money and then invest that money into the hands of such fraud builders. Now after so many years of struggle the only thing I want back is my money. I don’t want my house but I want the money for which I have worked day and night.