My Story: I cannot pay more EMI and rent I demand my home.

My Story: I cannot pay more EMI and rent I demand my home.

I was aware of all these scams and late possession things in real estate, but I thought investing after a little research and checking the goodwill of a particular brand will make my investment move into real estate secure and safe, but now after 6 years of my worst ever decision of investing in Amrapali due to their brand image, I am helpless and seeking for justice.

I had booked a flat in the Amrapali Silicon City in the year 2010. A project started in Jan 2011 and as per the agreement, possession time was 3 years -/+6 months. So I started to pay my EMI every month with a hope that soon I will get my own home and I don’t need to pay the rent anymore finally a dream will come true, but things haven’t gone like that simple, Amrapali has extended the possession date further and we had to wait more but things got more complex as when they had started to extend the timeline after every few months.

It was Jan 2016 and no signs of delivering much delayed project and has not paid a single penny as per the penalty clause. I have to pay my EMI as well as Rent and I don’t know till when I have to suffer through this as I am at a point where I am losing all hopes and looking for justice from the government. They are starting a new project without delivering the ones pending; this shows their commitment towards their projects and customers.

All I want to say to Amrapali is that, sir, we are the common man and we cannot afford such huge burden of money, we have saved this money lifelong to get our home and it’s not easy for us to pay EMIs as well as Rent, please give us our home or money back

Reality Media’s Stand

We have contacted Mrs. Anita Sharma few days back and she told “Realty Media” that even now nothing is confirmed about the possession but the building structure is ready on site and final work is going on.

It just took 6 years for a brand like Amrapali to build a project but those who are waiting for their homes has lived these 6 years like ages and are still waiting, we request Amrapali to do justice and give home as well as interest on their money for the delay.