For pushing local bodies center to give Rs 10,000 cr.

For pushing local bodies center to give Rs 10,000 cr.

RM | November 8, 2017


The ministry had introduced parameters for this competition among states and municipalities last year and Rs 900 crore in incentives was disbursed based on their performance.

The housing and urban affairs ministry will provide Rs 10,000 crore as incentive to urban local bodies during the next two years to push municipal reforms, a top government official said.

“This is a move to indirectly help municipal bodies to become empowered ones and for states to delegate more powers to these entities for efficient delivery of services. Until and unless municipalities undertake reforms, there is hardly any hope of urban government improving in the near future,” a ministry official said.

The reforms are aimed at making a difference in urban governance and service delivery besides resource mobilisation by urban local bodies themselves. The five parameters include trust and verify credit rating, land titling, value capture finance to improve municipal finance and professionalising the municipal cadre.

Under the trust and verify reform, municipalities are expected to issue birth and death certificates and building permissions within 24 hours from filing an application. Officials can verify later and there will be provision for penalty for misrepresentation by the applicant.

States are also expected to enact land titling law and operationalise it with rules and regulations. Initially, titles may be made available on demand and eventually, titles will be made available for all properties.