Satish Mahana ordered for an audit

Satish Mahana ordered for an audit

RM | October 9, 2017


 On Friday evening at India international center in delhi “Satish mahana industry minister has ordered for an audit of land possessed by the three authorities – Noida, greater Noida, Yamuna e way and UPSIDC..

Satish mahana said it should be completed before 31 December

In an internal meeting held with principal secretary (industries) Alok Sinha, infrastructure and industrial development commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey, chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) Ranvir Prasad and Noida Authority Chairman and CEO Alok Tandon in Delhi, the minister sought details of the total land acquired, land sold and the total land belonging to the three authorities which has been encroached upon by mafia.

Alok Sinha said , “The minister has sought to know the details of land possessed by all the three authorities and the UPSIDC. How much land has been sold off, how much is left and how much of it is encroached upon. This will be done by the officials themselves and on a later stage, there will be mapping of the land by GPS to check encroachment.”

While it has been over five months that the UP government set up an anti-land mafia task force, the minister sought to know the action taken on ground. The four-tier task force is headed by the district magistrate and sub divisional magistrate in their respective areas