Suggest day trips within 50 miles of your city.

Suggest day trips within 50 miles of your city.

city of Mumbai

In the city of Mumbai there are several places for a day trip where you can go and are nearly 50 miles away from the city. The getaway from this metropolitan city on the weekends is a very good idea. You can visit places like Nasik, Alibaug and Rajmachi. These place will help you refresh your mind and soul.

 Mudathon which is in Nashik

  • You can start off by going to Mudathon which is in Nashik. When you reach this place you might notice it is an excellent location for the entire family to enjoy. You can have an adrenaline rush here by doing some fun-filled activities and going back to your childhood and enjoy. You can enjoy the mud sling party in the beautiful natural rains and also climb and run on the 12-point obstacle course. This is a fun filled getaway with the entire family.


Rajmachi Maharashtra

  • You can go to Rajmachi which is quite famous all over Maharashtra and is also near Mumbai. It is a historic spot but I am sure you will definitely love it. The Rajmachi fort is worth seeing and during the monsoons it will leave you mesmerized. You can go for trekking at the fort to explore the beauty of the past and experience the historic beauty.


  • You can also opt for Alibaug which is a small town in Maharashtra and near Mumbai. This is a town of beaches and is a wonderful place to visit. You can easily reach this place by road or by a ferry from the Gateway of India. The place also has the historic fort built by King Shivaji during his reign. The place has several attractions like KanakeshwarDevasthan temple and VikramVinayak temple. Less than 30 kms away is the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, while the historic Kulaba Fort is situated 1-2 kms inside the sea and one can walk up to it when the tide is low.  Alibag has many beaches in its vicinity that include the Versoli Beach, Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach and Kashid Beach. Another hill fort not too far from here is the Sagargad which is in ruins but worth visiting. En route to this place one can come across a seasonal waterfall nearby.

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