How to make the home ready to show

How to make the home ready to show

Putting up a sign of ‘For Sale’ would turn the spotlight of the home on. Given below are various ways of paring down things and sprucing up the place for sealing a good deal. 

Clean the place

  • Clean the place

When we say clean, it means it must be Squeaky Clean. Not only should the floors be shining but should be glistening and sparkling. All the appliances should be spotless. They must be dingy grout bleached and the driveways should be power washed. The upholstery and the rugs must be given deep cleaning and must be kept free of pet hair. Before showing the home, the pets must be sent for visiting the neighbor. When you have to woo buyers with scrumptious smells and sights, the old grocery store ploy must not be neglected. It must be encouraged to stay back and must have a pleasing background music. Strong smells like gardenia, cinnamon and musk must be avoided as they have a tendency of turning off people. A neutral smell must be chosen such as baked cookies or bread or vanilla.


  • Avoid clutter

Some people have a tendency of filling the houses with figurines. In some cases, shelves are packed with books. Whatever the passion is, it doesn’t have to be shared with the world. Personal items must be taken down and donated to charity. Clutter is created by furniture also. If you are bumping against a chair or a table while entering the room, it has to be removed. Displays of framed diplomas and family photos has to be limited. These are used by people for making judgments, including whether you are looking nice.

Neutral colors must be used

  • Neutral colors must be used

Walls should be painted with subtle hues, warm, taupe or beige colors. A fresh look can be obtained if a taupe wall is used with white crown molding.

Jun 16 2017 10:47PM