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How does inheritance take place for a Christian if there are no children or grand children?

Half the property will go to the Widow and the remaining half will be divided between his kindred relations which includes blood relatives born of lawful marriages.

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Is it possible to take a home loan for construction in one city while working in another city?

Yes - you can take a home loan for construction of a property in one city while working in another. Banks typically provide loans for such a property after a proper check on the details of the plot followed by a ... (more)

Please tell me that whether one person can get two home loans from a bank for two separate propertie

Yes the person can get 2 loans on 2 diff. properties subjected to the eligibility of that person.....for e.g. if person monthly salary is Rs.50000 then he is eligible to pay max.of Rs. 25000 as a EMI and person i... (more)

How to find EMI due date?

The EMI will be due on a fixed date each month. This date will be notified when your loan is disbursed. Alternatively, every bank creates a login account for their loan customers where you can check all details a... (more)