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Can a businessman get input credit for GST paid, while purchasing an office?

An office purchased by a businessman, will result into the purchase of an immovable property and this transaction is out of the purview of the GST and hence, GST shall not be levied. Therefore, the question of in... (more)

Will the GST impact the stamp duty on buying a property? What about registration charges, maintenanc

Apartment owners will have to pay about 2.5 per cent additional tax on the maintenance charges. This tax will be applicable on flat owners, who pay maintenance charges of above Rs 5,000, excluding property tax, s... (more)

What are the laws on nomination and succession/inheritance?

There are no general laws on nomination, unlike in case of succession where special laws exist, based on religious affinity and bequests under wills of the deceased. Therefore, the rights of the nominee are deter... (more)

How can I file a complaint under RERA?

Applicant can file an application with the RERA authority or the application can also be filed online, as per the format available. The complainant must provide: